Why You Should Do Preventative Auto Maintenance

Doing regular preventive maintenance on your car has lots of benefits. The time, the effort and the money you will spend on regular preventive maintenance are investments that will be returned to you several times over. Just consider the following benefits of doing regular auto preventive maintenance:

Doing regular preventive maintenance on you car can save you thousands of dollars on fuel consumption. This is very important especially with the increasing cost of fuel. For example, if you change your oil every 4000 miles, your car will run at its most efficient capacity. If you use your car everyday, you will be able to save a lot of money on your daily fuel use.

Second, if you do regular preventive maintenance on your car, you will save on the cost of repair. You know how high auto repair shops charge for repairs these days. And you know that the cost of spare parts and replacement parts can make a dent in your budget. For example, cylinder head assembly and spark plug replacement can cost as much as $3,000. That does not even include the cost of repair. Now, if you are one of the many people who are having a hard time because of the depression, this can be a very big problem. And if you are using your vehicle for business, you will be forced to borrow money just to have it repaired. Similarly, if you are using your car to go to work and to take the children to school, you will have the same predicament. This could have been avoided by changing your oil regularly and by your changing coolant. You should also ask your mechanic to check your thermostat regularly.

A well maintained car can last several decades. This means that you can give the car to your child when he starts driving. Regardless of how old it is, if your car is well maintained and still looks good, your child will surely appreciate it. You will also not worry about his safety because you know that the car is reliable. Or, if you are not really very particular about the year and the model of your car, you can really maximize its cost by using it for at least a decade.

Moreover, unless you really love your car, eventually you will sell it and buy a new one. And since your car can last for years you can now think of its resale value as return on your investment. If your car is well maintained you can sell it at higher price. You can then save the money for the maintenance of your new car.



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