Fixing a Sink Drain

Knowing how to fix your sink and doing it yourself will save you hundreds of dollars on plumbing services. On an average, a sink will have a leak about three times in a year. The same with the sink pop up stopper. So fixing these problems yourself is one of the easiest ways to save on the cost of your regular home maintenance.

Fixing a sink drain is easy. The first thing that you should do is to check under your sink and see if the leak is coming from the connections of the pipe. Most of the time, this is just the problem. What you have to do then is to see if the connections are tight and tighten them if they are loosely connected. If the connections are tight, check if the pipes have cracks. If there are cracks, then you have to replace the pipes that are cracked. It is also possible that the crack is not visible. In any case, what you have to do then is to first remove the p-trap. More likely there is water inside the pipe, so make sure you have a catch basin. Once you have removed the p-trap, check the ends of the pipe and look for cracks. If there are cracks you have to replace the pipe. If there are no cracks, replace the washers. Check also the pipe that connects to the pipe on the wall. If there are no cracks, replace the washer. Do the same with the pipe that connects to the sink. Once you have done this, place the pipes back again and make sure that you tighten the connections.

Fixing your sink basket is also very easy. First, look under your sink and find the nut that is just below the strainer and unscrew it. Then find the nut that is nearest to your sink and unscrew that too. Once you have done this, you can then get the strainer. Now, replace the strainer with a new one. What you have to do this time is to put putty in the bottom of the strainer. Not the whole strainer but on the outer side. Then put the strainer back in place and then reconnect everything back again by screwing back and locking the nuts that you have removed.

Once you have tried doing them both, you will see that fixing your sink drain and sink basket is not all that difficult.



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