Maintaining Leather Items

Leather is a kind of material that is crafted from animal skin. It is used in making different items such as shoes and bags. The skin are tanned and processed to turn it into leather and the type of leather it is intended for. Once this is achieved the part that can be used for that particular purpose, for example to make a bag, is then cut from the whole piece. This piece is again processed using different chemicals, such as dye. There are basically three types of leather. They differ in the way they were processed. Cleaning and maintaining leather vary, depending on the type of leather that you have.

The most common type of leather is the top protected leather. This is also called coated or top grained. It is mostly used in furniture because it is tough and durable. You know that you have this type of leather if you drop water into it and the water is not absorbed by the surface. In maintaining top protected leather, you can use the usual leather cleaners and conditioners that are available from your local hardware or grocery store. You just wipe the surface clean and apply the cleaner and conditioner as instructed.

Another type of leather is the aniline. One of the most common aniline leather is the suede. This is softer than and lighter than the protected leather. You can tell that it is aniline if it does not have a finished look and instead have a nap. And unlike the top protected leather, if you drop water on the surface, the water will be absorbed in seconds after forming a bead. Aniline easily absorbs dirt and stains so it is harder to maintain than the protected leather. Thus, you cannot use the usual leather cleaners or it will leave a stain. Use leather cleaner and conditioners that are specifically made for aniline type of leather.

Lastly there is the Semi-aniline. As the name implies it is aniline except that it looks the same as the top protected leather but not as tough and rough. And since it is aniline, when you drop water on the surface of the leather, the water will be absorbed easily. Maintaining this type of leather is the same as maintaining the aniline type of leather.

Maintaining your leather items is very important because they are organic. As such, the process of turning them into leather can only preserve them for a period of time. Maintaining them at least four times a year is the only way they can last for several years.



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