Installing New Lighting

If you are a beginner, you can take the help of a good manual that teaches new lighting installation and become an expert in it. It does require a bit of study but at the end, you can fix light fixtures confidently on your own without any professional help. Let us learn about the different parts that are required for ordinary fixture mounting.

If you want to install wall light fittings or fixtures in the ceiling of your home, you will need to buy some boxes to fit the electrical wires. These boxes can then be mounted on the wall and you will not face any difficulty. The light fixtures are mounted on the wall with the help of a strap or a stud designed for light fixtures and fittings. To mount few light fixtures, you may need a plain nipple or an extension nipple. Apart from these, you may also need some extra devices for putting up specially designed light fixtures. They are generally provided by the seller himself and so you will not have to buy them separately.

You can begin with learning how to install an outlet electric wire box on the ceiling. Sometimes, you may have to put up the box first. Only after that, you can mount a fixture of your choice on the ceiling. You may think it is a difficult process but it is not so. You will have to decide where the outlet box will be fitted on the ceiling. Mark the area properly. You will then have to determine the accurate size of the box and cut a hole accordingly in the ceiling.

If you are not careful, you may cut a bigger or a smaller hole than required. When you go to the market, you will find various types of these electrical wire boxes as well as devices for mounting. You will have to select the one that is appropriate for your interiors. Usually boxes that can be expanded are recommended for fittings, which are light in weight. These fittings require small area for anchoring.

There are ceiling outlet boxes that are meant to be nailed to joists made on the ceiling. For this, the seller provides nailing holes that have angles. This helps to position the box properly and nail it to the ceiling. For this, the hole has to be neatly drawn and cut at the side of the ceiling joist in these types of boxes. Once the outlet box has been fixed, you will have to work on the electric wires and connect them properly for the light fittings.



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