Hiring a Great Housekeeper

When you’re busy at the office working the whole day, chances are you may be too tired to do housework at night. This is where hiring a great housekeeper comes in. A housekeeper will help you keep everything neat and tidy at home. However, finding the right housekeeper for you and your family may not be as easy as you think. There are several things you need to do and keep in mind when looking to hire a great housekeeper.

The most common way of finding great housekeepers is by asking friends and family for referrals. This method has the primary advantage of the assurance of a quality referral. Your friends know your style and will most probably know if who they’re referring will suit you. They might have also tried the service of the particular housekeeper and have been satisfied by it.

When you already have a list of prospective housekeepers, screen them over the phone. When you have narrowed down the list, you need to do face-to-face interviews. Here, you should have questions ready. Ask them extensively about their employment history. Ask for references. You should also inquire about their expected salary, available hours for work, and scope of services.

When doing the interview, you can ask them why they chose housekeeping as their field of work. This will show you how dedicated the person will be with the job. If the one you are interviewing is only doing it while looking for another job, chances are he or she will not stay long.

When you’ve further narrowed down the list, do background checks. Contact the references they gave you. After all, you’re giving them access to your home so security is vital. You should also be sure that they are legally able to work in the country so you will not be violating any laws. You may also require them to undergo medical exams to test for any respiratory illness such as tuberculosis, as this is an infectious disease.

When you have already decided on a housekeeper, set the boundaries from the start. Come up with a list of things that you would expect the housekeeper to do. Discuss who will provide the cleaning equipment and cleaning materials. Some people prefer that the housekeepers use cleaning equipment provided by the homeowners. Also talk about house rules such as answering the phone, watching television, or listening to music. Hiring a great housekeeper may require patience and diligence, but will be well worth it once you find the right person.



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