Fixing your roof as preventive maintenance

Fixing a roof is a regular home maintenance chore that needs to be done, and nd the best maintenance is always preventive maintenance. Regardless of the warranty of your roof, you should always exercise the best preventive maintenance so that you will save thousands of dollars on the repair and hundreds more once your roof leaks inside your house. Moreover, with the proper preventive maintenance, you can expect your roof to last longer than its warranty period. Here are some things that you should know when it comes to fixing your roof as preventive maintenance.

The most important thing that you should know, and probably interested in is the cost. The cost of fixing your roof, which is a major repair since it involves replacement of the roof or parts of it is from two thousand to fifteen thousand dollars, depending on the size and the damage. Why is this part of preventive maintenance? Well, the cost itself should be incentive enough for you to inspect your roof at least once a year. And even if you have the money to spare on a new roof, you should remember that in case of severe weather, if your roof is not in good condition, expect it to cave in, or be blown away. You do not want this kind of accident.

Having said this, again remember that you should do preventive maintenance at least once a year. The best time to do this is during fall. This is the best time to inspect your roof and do minor repairs because you will see the effects of storm, wind and snow from the past year, and be ready for the coming snow or ice storm. Some people suggest that the summer is the best time to inspect the roof because you just had storms and wind but the fall months may also cause damage, especially on your gutter and you should fix those too before the winter months.

Since you will be doing preventive maintenance and not just inspection, what you need to do is to inspect your gutter and your roof and make sure to remove any debris. Then check the shingles. Then see if there are cracks or holes on all parts of the roof. See if some parts are deteriorated. Then repair the problems using roofing cement, reinforcement fabric and roofing patch. The reinforcement fabric will be the base of your cement. Use this on cracks and deteriorated parts of the roof and gutter. Use the roofing patch on smaller holes. Of course, if parts of your roof and gutter are totally deteriorated, hire a professional to repair them properly. But if your roof is just two to three years old and has not sustained major damage, this preventive maintenance repair is enough to make it last for years.



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