Maintaining Wood Inside and Outside the Home

Wood is one material that has found extensive uses in the construction industry. In large part due to its innate beauty, wood has become a major component in many homes. It can be used in the exterior of the house, such as in windows and frames, as well as in the interior, like wooden floors and furniture.

As wood is a natural material, it needs to be maintained properly so as to preserve its natural beauty. Maintaining wood found in the exterior of the house may be different from that for wood used for interior purposes. When maintaining exterior, painted wood, make sure to remove surface dirt periodically. Also, at least once a year, check if the paint covering the wood is still intact. This ensures that the wood is not directly exposed to the elements. Should you find scratches or cuts to the paint, touch up with paint of similar color.

When washing the painted wood, use a brush with soft bristles. You can also use a mild detergent to remove the dirt, but be sure to wash away all excess solution. Do not use strong detergents or chemicals as these may damage the wood.

If the interior of your home also uses wood, you need to clean the wooden surfaces regularly. For wooden floors, sweep daily so dirt will not damage or scratch the surface. Keep any wooden materials away from water. If unavoidable, such as wooden floors near a sink, be sure to place a protective cover like a waterproof mat. Wipe away water immediately. For wooden floors and wooden furniture, remove spills right away using a slightly damp soft cotton cloth.

Use coasters when serving drinks on wooden tables. You can also cover your wooden table with waterproof materials such as glass. Wipe wooden surfaces regularly with wood cleaners, but take note not to wax any furniture or flooring with urethane finish. Avoid any solution that contains harsh chemicals such as ammonia. This can bring damage to the wood.

If you have a hardwood floor, put protector pads to the bases of all your furniture. This will prevent the furniture from scratching the surface of the wooden floor. Also, lift furniture when moving them around. Sliding furniture can cause them to leave scratch marks on your floor and can destroy the finish.

Do not walk around the wooden floor in high heels. Put carpets or rugs in high-traffic areas to minimize the chance of the heels of shoes denting or scraping the floor. And if you have pets like cats, be certain to clip their claws.



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